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Hair Coloring in South Barrington

If you’re interested in coloring your hair, it is normal to have questions or concerns, especially if you’re coloring your hair for the first time. Glow Salon and Spa is here to make hair coloring in South Barrington more accessible by addressing some of the most common questions people have when it comes to coloring their hair. 

Is It Better to Color Hair at Home or at a Salon?

If you have a lot of experience coloring your hair, you are in a better position to safely color your own hair at home. However, if you have never had your hair colored before or have little experience with it, going to a professional salon is your best option. A licensed professional will be able to consult with you and help you figure out what colors will complement your skin tone and perform a strand test to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals used in the hair coloring process.

Will Coloring Your Hair Cause Damage to It?

There are several ways coloring your hair can damage it. To apply permanent color to your hair, your natural color has to be lifted from the hair using a developer. If not done properly, this can damage the cuticle layers of the hair. Using the wrong amount of hydrogen peroxide can damage also your hair.  Additionally, if you change the color of your hair too frequently, this can cause the hair to become over-processed.

What Is the Difference between Semi-Permanent, Permanent, and Demi-permanent Hair Color?

Semi-permanent hair dye does not contain any peroxide. This means it does not lift the color out of your hair and can only make your hair darker. Semi-permanent by itself is not ideal if you’re looking to lighten the color of your hair. Semi-permanent dye colors just the outermost layer of your hair so does not last as long as permanent hair dye. With proper maintenance, you can expect semi-permanent color to last between six to twelve washes. Semi-permanent dye also conditions the hair and adds shine to it. 

The demi-permanent dye contains a minute amount of peroxide. This type of dye can be used to lighten hair color slightly, but not to the same extent as permanent dye. Instead of only coloring the outermost layer of the hair, demi-permanent dye penetrates the cuticle of the hair, giving it more durability. Demi-permanent color can last between 12 and 26 washes. The permanent dye lasts the longest and will stay in your hair until the strands grow out. The permanent dye contains peroxide and can safely lighten the hair up to 4 levels.

Can Hair Dye Cover Grays?

Hair dye can cover up grays, though the effectiveness depends on the brand and the formula of the dye that is used. A professional will be able to recommend a formula that will work well for your hair. If you only have a few gray strands, semi-permanent and demi-permanent dyes can usually be used to cover grays. If you have a lot of gray in your hair, permanent color usually works better.

How Frequently Should You Shampoo Color-Treated Hair?

After coloring your hair, it is advised to wait at least a full day before washing your hair with shampoo, though waiting two days is even better. After the first wash, limiting the amount of days you wash your hair to 3 a week will help make the color last longer. This is especially true for intense pigments, such as red and auburn. Using shampoos and conditioners specifically designated for color-treated hair will also extend the life of your hair color. 

If You’re Looking For Hair Coloring in South Barrington

If you’re in the South Barrington area and looking to color your hair, you may have even more questions about the process. The color specialists at Glow Salon and Spa can address any concerns you might have and help find a color that will bring new life into your hairstyle.