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Sunless Tan & LED Teeth Whitening

Step into Glow Salon and Spa, South Barrington’s newly renovated beauty oasis, where we take pride in offering luxurious, organic beauty treatments. Our latest additions, the Aloha Glow Sunless Tan and state-of-the-art LED Teeth Whitening are set to redefine your beauty routine, combining the allure of a sun-kissed glow with a dazzling white smile.

Aloha Glow Sunless Tan: A Custom, Organic Experience
Our Aloha Glow Sunless Tan service, masterfully provided by Ewa, our expert tanner, promises not just a tan but a complete skin-pampering experience. This 20-minute luxury airbrush tan, priced at $65, is available at our convenient Hoffman Estates location.

What Sets It Apart:

  • Organic, Vegan, and Skin-Loving: Our custom solutions are enriched with organic, anti-aging ingredients, catering to all skin tones.
  • Customized Approach: We offer a personalized skin consultation and blend the solution to match your desired color.
  • Express and Overnight Formulas: Choose between a quick rinse in 2-6 hours or an overnight formula for deeper color development.
  • Added Skin Treatments: Opt for a Hydration Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe for an additional $6 to extend the life of your tan.

LED Teeth Whitening: Brighten Your Smile with Advanced Technology
Our LED Teeth Whitening service, available for $225, is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that promises dramatic results in just one session. It’s a 90-minute self-administered treatment designed to deliver safe, effective, and pain-free results.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Natural and Enamel-Safe Ingredients: A unique blend of Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide, and Xylitol.
  • Comprehensive Oral Health: Fights bacteria, gingivitis, and removes plaque while remineralizing teeth.
  • Sensitive Teeth Option: A 20-minute session tailored for sensitive teeth is available for $175.

Meet Ewa: The Expert Behind Your Glow
Ewa, a Chicago native and the proud owner of “Aloha Glow” brings her passion for beach life and her expertise in sunless tanning to Glow Salon and Spa. Her journey from the beaches of Hawaii back to South Barrington is as unique as the services she offers. When she’s not transforming clients, she’s a devoted dog mom and a travel enthusiast.

Embrace the luxury of a radiant tan and a bright smile at Glow Salon and Spa. Our Aloha Glow Sunless Tan and LED Teeth Whitening services are more than beauty treatments; they are experiences that uplift and transform. Book your session today and let us add a touch of Aloha Glow to your beauty routine.

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